This Could Be So Refreshing!

The best ministers I know understand that they are first servants. In fact, the best mothers, fathers, friends, I know are first servants. People who are genuine servants have discovered the essence of what serving Jesus really is.

Servants are not always looking for the advantage.

Servants are not always reciting their resume.

Servants do not play silly mind games with others.

Servants do not see themselves as the only ones who “get it.”

Servants do not have to retaliate.

Servants do not keep score.

Servants do not look for ways to communicate just how important they are (at least in their own mind).

So what do servants do?

Servants show up.

Servants respond to a cry for help (even if it isn’t their “gift.”)

Servants can give, work hard, and contribute without having to receive the credit.

Servants seek to put others at ease.

Servants are focused on others instead of themselves.

Servants bless others and do not have to be the center of attention.

Servants don’t refer to themselves as a servant and then seek status, credit and exaltation. That is confusing at the very least.

No matter who you are. No matter how old you are. Single. Married. With or without children. You and I can be a servant of Jesus. We may be surprised at just how refreshing this is to others.

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