The Weekend

Cup_of_coffeeWe just returned from Oklahoma City where we visited with our daughter Jamie.  We got to see some of her friends at Oklahoma Christian including, cousin Stephanie, Kendra, Ally, Luke, and a number of others.  Part of the reason for going this weekend was to see "Freshman Fanfare."  (A show the freshman put together).  It was great!  Part of the show included a clip featuring our daughter falling into the campus fountain and being "rescued" by her roommate.   Is there a way to get such a video clip on this blog?
On Thursday evening, evacuee’s from Houston (Hurricane Rita) began showing up at our community center (via FEMA and some local police and fire departments).  By Friday morning, there were 70 people there.  By Friday afternoon, about 125 people were there.  Jack Whiddon, our youth minister, led and organized this effort.  Over forty people signed up for various shifts, to be with these people around the clock throughout the weekend.   There was an incredible outpouring from our church for these people.  They quickly brought food,towels, sleeping bags, air mattresses, etc.  I was so pleased with the generous response from our church family.  It was a blessing to the people who had a place to stay during the hurricane.  It was also a blessing to our church.
With a hot cup of coffee, I am reading a portion of Jesus Creed each morning.  I have decided to slowly read the book, a few chapters (they are relatively brief) each day.  I am trying to spend more "soaking" time with this book.  Actually, I am not spending as much time with the book as to the one that the book is about.  Reading through this book, I become more and more impressed with Jesus.

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  1. I don’t think anybody ever envisioned evacuees from Houston being helped in that community center. It is good that God can see further down the road than us