The Secret Millionaire

I have now watched three episodes of ABC’s secret-millionaire-0.jpg Secret Millionaire .

Each week, Secret Millionaire focuses on a wealthy person who has agreed to give away a large sum of money to agencies that are doing good works in tough places. The first three episodes have filmed in Gary, Indiana; Detroit, Michigan; and Knoxville, Tennessee.

In each episode the millionaire goes to the designated city and stays for a week in a house or apartment in a struggling neighborhood. Each day this person meets people working in different non-profit organizations who are trying to serve that community. The millionaire does not disclose that he is wealthy or is looking to give away a large sum of money. Instead, he works as a volunteer for a day or two.

In each episode, the wonderful people who work in these non-profit agencies are introduced and their work is highlighted. Some organizations might clean neighborhoods, cook food for the homeless, or work with children in after-school tutoring. One organization that was highlighted transported dyalisis patients for treatments.

The final day of the week is spent giving unexpected checks to these agencies. These checks are for different amounts. The total amount of the checks each week is about $100,000.

Why do I like this show?

1. The work of the non-profit agencies is recognized and appreciated. Maybe I am especially moved by this because our congregation works in partnership with a number of non profit organizations on a regular basis. These include organizations like: Mission Waco, CareNet, Family Abuse Center, Christian Women’s Job Corps, Compassion Ministries, Caritas, and other fine groups. I have been impressed with the wonderful people who make up these organizations that serve in our city. So, yes, I enjoy seeing these groups and their work recognized.

2. The people who give experience great joy as they share their resources with these agencies. After seeing three episodes, I can tell you that one of the highlights of this show is the opportunity to witness some very wealthy people give and do so joyfully. Very impressive.

Maybe, just maybe, I watch this show because it inspires me to look beyond myself, my little circles, and my congregation, to a world that needs acts of mercy and the ministry of Jesus.

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4 thoughts on “The Secret Millionaire

  1. Josh and I love this show! I love how they’ve made a hit show out of serving and giving! It is very inspiring.