The Real Deal

Two_dollar_bill_1Sometimes the real thing is right in front of us and we don’t get it.  I love the story about the man arrested at a Best Buy after trying to use $2 bills that were legitimate.

"Mike Bolesta of Baltimore thought he would protest Best Buy’s not-so-great customer service and pay his bill with 57 $2 bills. For his trouble he got to spend some time in the county lock-up." From the article: "..Bolesta was contacted by the store, and was threatened with police action if he did not pay the [installation] fee he was told before did not exist. As a sign of protest, Bolesta decided to pay using only $2 bills, which he has an abundance of because he asks his bank for them specifically. Unfortunately for him, the cashier did not seem to understand that the $2 bill is indeed legal US tender, since the bill itself is not often used. After rudely refusing to take the money, the cashier accepted the bills, only to mark them as though they were counterfeit." (Slashdot)

Yep–the two dollar bills are real.  So was what I saw yesterday.  I saw the grace of God over and over on Sunday.

  • Songs that reminded me of God’s greatness.
  • George handling the "family matters" with care.
  • The two boys who signed for the deaf during a Scripture reading.  The young girl who signed during a song.
  • The very young child who called out my name when I walked by her.
  • The very positive feedback that I received from the message.
  • The encouraging atmosphere of our life group.
  • Praying with our life group regarding an employer there who wanted to handle a tense situation with an employee correctly. 
  • Praising God over the health report of one person’s child.
  • The energetic discussion in our group regarding grace.

All of those moments are the real deal.  God’s grace was made evident.  So, I am beginning the day savoring some of those moments.  Most of all, I am savoring God himself.

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