The Quiet House

Quiet_House.jpgI just got back from spending time at "The Wayfarer’s House" (also known as "The Quiet House").  A very secluded place owned by Laity Lodge.  A wonderful place to think, pray, read, and hike.  Each morning, as I stepped outside, deer (5 or 6) were waiting to be fed.  Birds were eating from their feeders.  Squirrels were scampering across the grass.  

More later. 

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11 thoughts on “The Quiet House

  1. my first thought was: how can i send my husband on that?  its just what he needs…really. but texas…a bit far to drive.but it got my mind thinking…i am sure there is something similar closer to SC east coast. 

  2. Bill–Thank you for the kind words regarding the blog.  Will you check your blog address?  I tried to go to your blog but there is something missing or added to this address.  Thanks. 

  3. Mary Ann– I suspect you are right.  I would guess there is something much closer to where you are.  Thanks.

  4. This is lovely…the ombiance from the warmth of the out door lighting…as well as you can feel and hear the rustling of the wood….than; if your real  quiet.. they’ll start too appear behind the small trees–peaking their amber eyes out ….waiting for the small foods and treats that lady "R" puts out for them in the evenings…..yes she does.  My beautiful red family of foxes; one female being grey tipped–lovely she is!!  It’s  fun….God provides us with such beauty and tranquileness…as well as the magisticnesses of the animals that exist in the forrest….pretty…fun….lovely…and more.  If your real quiet …they’ll surprise you in their splendor of existence and ……