The Pressure is Off

Coffee3There are days when I feel flawed.  When it is obvious to me just how much help I really need.  When I look in the mirror and realize that I desperately need Jesus to deal with my sins. 

There are days when I feel inadequate.  When I wish I were a more effective minister.  When I wish I were more competent in certain aspects of my work.  When I feel like I am not doing well as a husband or father.  When I feel inadequate in my walk with God.

There are days when I feel alone.  When I hold other people’s secrets that can be told to no one.  When I find myself pulling away from the people who I care about most.  When I do not trust in God’s presence and instead rely on myself.

There are days when I feel like I have failed.  When evil thoughts linger in my mind.  When I respond to a situation immaturely.  When I fail to trust in God’s promises and instead think about shortcuts.  When I find myself talking to Charlotte in a manner that really doesn’t reflect Jesus.  When my mind begins to reherse sins long ago forgiven but which are now alive in my memory.


I suppose all of this could be discouraging and depressing.  Without Jesus, I think that I would finally shrug my shoulders in defeat and say, "Oh well, what’s the use?"


The good news is that Christ lives in me (Col. 1:27) and that makes all the difference in my life.  Now look at life:


Christ in me means that I can rest in his completed work.  It’s not up to me.

Christ in me means that I am wealthy.  Forget the lottery!  16 million in the Lotto Texas jackpot this week?  It doesn’t even begin to compare to what I already have in Christ.

Christ in me means I can rest in his grace.  I don’t have to worry about what will happen with my future. The pressure is off.

Christ in me means I no longer have to settle for the leftovers of life.  Put the Tupperware and those leftovers away!  I can experience God’s best, which is Jesus himself.

Christ in me means I have access to the very life of God.  No one can take that away from me.

Christ in me means I can come to the end of this life and live in the presence of God forever.


Christ lives in me.  The pressure is off.

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4 thoughts on “The Pressure is Off

  1. dad! i love reading your blogs EVERYDAY….my friends enjoy them too! i think it is kind of funny how you have a picture of coffee on like 5 of your recent blogs. AHAHA! I love you!