The Pause that Refreshes

This has been a long and demanding week.  I am not complaining.  I am just  acknowledging the way life has been this week.  Preparation for messages.  Conversations with people.  Planning for future projects.  Communicating with others.  It was just a very full week in many respects. 

I was thinking today about things that I do intentionally which in someway provides me with some refreshment.

1.  I read the Bible and pray about the day (as well as the rest of the week)..  Right now I am reading through the Gospel of Matthew.  I also journal after my reading.  There is just something about  journaling (even a paragraph) that makes me feel good.

2.  I try to read something each day that is spiritually stimulating.  Right now I am spending a lot of time in Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.

3.  I prefer each week to spend time with a person who in some way (culturally, age, background, etc.) is very different from me.  More and more I watch some of the News International Channel (based in Canada) just to see stories about people in places all over the world.

4.  I do something to stay connected with a few friends each week.  E-mail.  Telephone.  Do something to just say "hello" and stay connected.  For too long (I say with embarrassment) I depended on people to stay connected with me (instead of taking the initiative myself).

5.  I take the initiative to have some face-to-face time with encouraging people, especially those who are friends.  I know that is much more difficult when they are out of town.  However, I can take advantage of those who are in my community.

6.  I choose to get physical exercise four to five days a week.  Right now, I am writing this in my workout clothes.  I got back about an hour ago from the YMCA.  You don’t have to go to the "Y".  Just do something.  A daily walk around the block is better than nothing.  I used to say, "I don’t have time."  I learned, however, that aside from the health benefit, the exercise really makes me feel so much better..  I also believe that exercise helps with stress.  (Could anyone else use a little help with stress?:)

I need to stop.  We have friends coming to dinner in a few hours.  I look forward to them coming.  It will be refreshing.

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