The Living Church

Last week, I read John Stott’s new book, The Living Church.  He has served the All Souls Church in London for sixty years.  The inside of the jacket of the book reads as follows:

At the 150th anniversary of the dedication of his church, John Stott gave voice to his dream for All Souls, London, and all souls everywhere: "I have a dream of . . . a biblical church . . . a worshiping church . . . a caring church . . . a serving church . . . an expectant church."

I read this book not necessarily looking for something innovative or even unique.  I read this book because I have such a deep respect for Stott who has served with integrity and has given ministers across the globe an example worth imitating.  Stott has modeled what it means to do ministry with a keen mind and a tender heart. 

Given Stott’s reputation and his example, I read with respect his dream for the church everywhere.  The book is Stott’s clear reminder of what the church has been called to be.

The following are a few quotes which I liked in particular:

"Mission" arises, then, not from the biblical doctrine of the church in the world.  If we are not "the church," the holy and distinct people of God, we have nothing to say because we are compromised.  If, on the other hand, we are not "in the world," deeply involved in its life and suffering, we have no one to serve because we are insulated.  Our calling is to be "holy" and "worldly" at the same time.  Without this balanced biblical ecclesiology we will never recover or fulfill our mission.  (p. 54)

We cannot proclaim the gospel of God’s love with any degree of integrity if we do not exhibit it in our love for others.  Perhaps nothing is so damaging to the cause of Christ as a church which is either torn apart by jealousy, rivalry, slander and malice, or preoccupied with its own selfish concerns.  Such churches urgently need to be radically renewed in love. . . .  (p. 69)

In order to build bridges that are solid, we have to study on both sides of the canyon.  It goes without saying that we must study Scripture until we are really familiar with it.  But we must also study the world in which we live.  Nothing has helped me do this more than belonging to a reading group which began in 1972.  We met every few weeks, having read an agreed non-Christian book, to discuss its challenge to our Christian world-view.  I call this "double listening,"  listening to the word of God and listening to the voices of the modern world, its cries of anger, pain and despair.  (p. 100) 

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10 thoughts on “The Living Church

  1. Lord willing, I’ll be reading this soon. Thanks for shining a spotlight on it. Also, I’ve really appreciated your recent posts under the title of: If I Could Start Over. Thanks for taking the time to share your heart. -bill

  2. I really like that “both sides of the canyon” quote. I’ll tuck that one away for the future.

    And thanks for stopping by Seedlings and commenting about the editors/publishers blogs list. I really do feel that people are missing a golden opportunity. So I was glad to know you plan to be a pioneer! (I’m picturing you with a little pan for sifting the editorial streams. 🙂

  3. L.L.Thanks very much.As I mentioned to you in the comment earlier, I am glad you posted those links.  Very helpful and I look forward to exploring.Consider me with a pan.

  4. Jim, thanks for these GREAT quotes from John Stott. His textbook about preaching and also  "The Cross of Christ" have been such a blessing to me.  But I had no idea he’d been at All Souls for sixty years.  Wow.

  5. Thanks Jim, for your kind comment at my blog.
    I so much repsect John R.W. Stott, and these quotes give a glimpse why. He was important for me early on, and I can only wish I would have followed on at that time, much closer to him and the likes of him. No book ore reading of what he has written is ever a waste of time, and always a blessing.
    And the same goes for you and your blog, as well, Jim. I have been so lax in blog reading, but want to improve. This week between the cold weather up here, and cutting drastically back on caffeine, I’ve mostly slept. We do look forward to Spring, here.

  6. Frank,Thanks very much.  I also gained a great deal from Stott’s book on the cross.  I have read it a couple of times and was blessed with each reading.

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