The Kind of People I Love to Be Around

There are certain people I love to be around. These people have a way of adding energy and value to most any situation. I like to be around these kinds of people:

  • People who desire to encourage others. They have a way of making every one around them feel good.
  • People who generally look for the good in others.
  • People who seem to go out of their way to not embarrass others.people1.jpg
  • People who seem to take the high road (the way of Jesus) in their manner.
  • People who are secure and don’t always have to be noticed.

  • People who are just as courteous to the weak and the unlovely as the are to those who seem to be strong and beautiful.
  • People who are safe. They wouldn’t think of deliberately hurting another person.
  • People who are genuine–even when no one is looking.

  • People who notice those others generally ignore.

  • People who seem grateful for what others often take for granted.

On the other hand, there are some people I do not enjoy being around. They have a way of diminishing the joy of most any situation. I don’t particularly enjoy being around these people:

  • People who only seem comfortable when the attention is focused on themselves.

  • People who are too insecure to give others credit.

  • People who constantly talk about their “toys.”
  • People who put others down through their humor and then in laughter say, “I was only kidding” (refusing to take responsibility for what they just said).
  • People who act as if another’s victories are insignificant.

  • People who run others down in their absence and yet act chummy with them when they are present.

  • People who are so “prickly” and moody that one must be extremely careful not to say the wrong thing around them.

  • People who almost seem eager to throw a bucket of cold water on someone else’s hard work and creativity.

  • People who find a way to be critical about most anything.

  • People who constantly harp on the negative.

Jesus must have been such an enjoyable person to be with. He had a way of making people around him feel comfortable. No one was ever repelled by Jesus because of his attitude or manner. If they were put off by Jesus it was because they rejected his teaching. I have a feeling that if you had grown up with Jesus, he would have been just the kind of guy you would want as a friend.


What kind of people do you especially enjoy being around? What kind of people do you not enjoy being around?

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6 thoughts on “The Kind of People I Love to Be Around

  1. I think you pretty well covered it for me too! There’s no avoiding the folks in the 2nd list though and showing them God’s love anyhow, whether I like to be around them or not. It’s a HUGE challenge and I can’t do it in my own strength!

    • Karin, thanks very much. You are right, there is not avoiding. However, I can be more intentional toward spending time with people who are nurturing and encouraging.

  2. I love being around passionate people. People who taste and see. People who are fully alive and wanting to experience life.

    I struggle being around people who can’t or won’t go deep.

    • Arlene,

      A great comment. I even enjoy being around people who are passionate about things that I really don’t care that much about. It is just refreshing to be around someone who cares enough to feel deeply and act accordingly toward something that is positive and constructive.

  3. I love being around curious people, those who are eager to learn new things and explore new concepts. Their willingness to be “students of life” is an inspiration.

    I love being around people who are secure enough in their faith that they can entertain questions without being dogmatic about the answers that they have found to those questions. Their depth of understanding is a blessing.

    I love being around engaged (not in the about to be married sense) people. Their dedication to “showing up” in their lives with all they are is a gift to those who meet them.

    I love being around grateful people. Their attitude of thankful receptivity to all life has to throw at them, both good and bad, is humbling.

    However, I don’t love being around not curious people. Their unwillingness to learn is frustration itself.

    I don’t love being around people who aren’t secure enough in their faith to entertain questions about their faith without being dogmatic in their answers. Their attitude of ‘God said it, I believe it, end of discussion’ can be condescending, arrogant and just plain rude.

    I don’t love being around passive people (which sometimes I don’t love being around me, as passivity is something that I struggle with sometimes). The unwillingness to engage with what’s going on is troublesome.

    I don’t love being around complainers. The attitude of “more, more, more, for me, me, me”, when coupled with whining, is the emotional equivalent of someone scratching his fingernails on a chalkboard.

    That’s my list. I (heart) your list, too, Jim. Jesus was everything on your “people I love to be around” list–may we all grow to be like Him.

    • Alison, you have written a great list! Very, very good. I could echo each one of these.

      By the way, I particularly like the way you worded your third point. You are right. People who are engaged have a way of showing up emotionally. I really like the way you express this.