The Heart I Want: Generosity (2)

What is a generous person like? 

Right now I am thinking about some generous people I’ve noticed through the years.  These people, in a variety of ways, model generosity.  As I think about some of these people, here are some qualities that I’ve seen.  (This is a composite of several people.)  These people are:

  • Generous with their forgiveness.  (They "let it go" and move on.)
  • Generous with their attention.  (They seem to focus on others and not themselves.)
  • Generous with their praise.  (They notice and affirm people regularly.)
  • Generous with their encouragement.  (They have a way of communicating confidence.)
  • Generous with their time.  (Often, they are very busy people and yet they give you their time.)
  • Generous with their money.  (They are not known for being tight and stingy.)
  • Generous with their kindness.  (They do things for others as a result.)
  • Generous with their thoughtfulness. (They do nothing that might humiliate another.)

What makes these qualities attractive?  They are God-like.  And–is he ever a generous God!

What makes these qualities almost radical?  They reflect a life that is focused on others and not on self.

What makes these qualities difficult?  Fear.  Our hesitancy to let go of ourselves.  We may not trust God with this much of our lives.

Today, I am praying for a generous heart.  I am praying that my life today will reflect more of what I just wrote instead of the heart of a grasping, fearful man. 

Maybe worth thinking about.

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3 thoughts on “The Heart I Want: Generosity (2)

  1. A prof from my Bible college days once spoke on 2 Cor 9:7 and asked, “Why does God love a cheerful giver? Because He’s the God who cheerfully gives.” You are right on the money (no pun intended) when you write that generosity is God-like. May He help me give generously of the stuff that’s more valuable than money. Thanks for being generous, Jim.