The Door to God’s Warehouse

Prayer_1This is the beginning of a new week.  Yesterday, (Sunday AM) was such a good morning.  We experienced such an encouraging assembly.  We then ate together afterward.  (Catered by Rudy’s barbeque).  People kept congratulating either Charlotte or myself over Christine’s upcoming wedding and then offering to help.  It was another reminder of how sweet and kind the people at Crestview can be as they enjoy this moment with us.  Last night, our life group met together and watch the Baylor Lady Bears win the national semi-final.  What fun!

This morning, I read from Harold Shank’s new book It’s All About God.  Now the following image made me think about my prayer life:

Imagine a huge warehouse, bigger than a Super Wal-Mart, larger than the local factory…Inside are many departments…One department overflows with stored grace.  If you start walking from one end of the warehouse to the other, it would take weeks just to walk through the grace warehouse…

The warehouse belongs to God.  Besides the departments of grace and mercy, there are departments of blessing, love, justice, righteousness, compassion, faith, forgiveness, salvation and healing.  Each department is as large as the ones for grace and mercy….

But there is one department that is bigger than all the others put together.  This section of the warehouse is so large that it does not even fit on planet earth.  If it were on earth, it would hang out over the ends of the the North and South poles.  It is higher than he distance from earth to the sun.  It holds more than the whole galaxy.  It is the warehouse of God’s power.

The door to all these warehouses is prayer
The only reason we don’t have access to the stores held in these vast warehouses is because we don’t pray. You do not have because you do not ask.

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One thought on “The Door to God’s Warehouse

  1. Very vivid. I talk about prayer a lot more than I pray. I ask for insights and information with greater consistency than I pray. I seek out forms of prayer more than I pray. The outside of the warehouse looks really good…I’ve measured it and decorated the door. Guess I ought to go inside every once in a while.