The Big Hurdle

Call_for_help_logoWe are a people who really need help


I’m ready to help!  Many of us are ready to help.  I find it much harder to receive.  It feels weak.  It feels like I’m inadequate in some way.  That is he prideful part of me.  That reveals my arrogance.


Some of us may not see that we really need anything from anyone other than ourselves.  The truth is we need help. 


  • We need help as parents.  Sooner or later that usually becomes obvious, doesn’t it?
  • We need help in our marriages.  (Just ask your spouse how much help you need).
  • We need help in learning how to really live as we were meant to live.
  • We need help in learning how to face our mortality.  We are dying, you know.
  • We need help if we are ever going to move beyond the mess of our lives.
  • We need help if we are ever going to move beyond our pride and our sense of self-importance.
  • We need help if we are ever going to see that while we may be enjoying affluence and the trappings our success, we may be living in spiritual poverty.  Dirt poor!


Oh I know.  If you are like many of us, you basically go through life thinking, "I can handle it."  The big stuff is for Jesus.  We pray about the things that scare us.  We come to Jesus when it just seems impossible.  Too many of us basically believe that we can manage our own lives.  Like a person told me once, "I know he is there if I need him."


Maybe the greatest help we need is in realizing how poor, destitute, and lost we really are.  Maybe we need to know just how desperately we need Jesus.


Meanwhile, contrast the above with the riches that we can enjoy with Jesus Christ.  I’ve been thinking about this lately.  Would you think about this with me?  Think about what you can experience in Jesus:


Christ in you means that you can rest in his completed work.  It’s not up to you.

Christ in you means you are wealthy.  Forget the lottery!  19 million in the jackpot this week?  It doesn’t even begin to compare to what you already have in Christ.

Christ in you means that you can rest in his grace.  You don’t have to worry about what will happen with your future.

The pressure is off.

Christ in you means that you no longer have to settle for the left-overs of life.  You can experience God’s best, which is Jesus himself.

Christ in you means that you have access to the very life of God.  No one can take that away from you.


Does that sound good?  It does to me.  Do you know the biggest obstacle you will face in dealing with Jesus?  Your own sense of self-sufficiency.  Your pride.


The other day, I spoke with a young women who was experiencing a devastating financial setback.  At one point she said, "I’m not too proud to say that I need help.  I’ve pretty well had to set pride aside."  She is a lot farther along than a lot of us.


Maybe we all need to set pride aside.

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2 thoughts on “The Big Hurdle

  1. I think the key is to be a generous giver and to not keep track of who owes you what. Then one day when you need to ask for help you won’t think, “I’ve earned this” but can see how letting someone help you is actually you helping them.