The Best Thing We Can Do

Jamie drove me by this huge church when I was in Oklahoma City last week.  This was "Life Church" in Edmond.  It was a large complex with lots of people coming out of main doors as we drove through the parking lot.  Then I saw a building that interested me.  It was their prayer chapel.  I went to the door expecting to be closed and locked.  It was unlocked.  I went in and saw a table full of prayer requests. 

"Prayer is not all we can do…it is the best we can do"

Things happen because the Lord opens the doors.  He doesn’t need a key because he can blow any door down.  Paul encouraged the early Christians to pray for an open door (Colossians 4:2-4). 

What does this mean?  This means that God turns situations that seem difficult or impossible into something that bears fruit.  God blesses our work in ways that he otherwise would not had we not prayed.

We are called to pray for an open door.

Some doors are closed due to a person’s poor attitude.  I’ve heard people say (and perhaps you’ve heard the same thing):


  • “He will never change.”
  • “No she’s not a Christian but don’t hold your breath.  Her mother was just as hard hearted as she is.”


The door of apathy.  “People don’t care here.  These people are too hard to reach.”  Yes, but when God goes to work most anything can happen. 

The door of secret sin.  “I’ve been doing this for so long, I don’t know how I could ever give up_____________.” 

(Just fill in the blank).

The door of defeat.  You know what it is to be frustrated with the church.  Frustrated with our apathy.  Frustrated that we can be slow to be who we need to be.  God can blow down the door of defeat.

Sometimes we look at these doors and instead of praying, we get overwhelmed and discouraged.  So we think there is so little we can really do.  Consequently, our prayers reflect that.    

What do we pray for?


  • Are we praying for people specifically?  By name?
  • Are we praying for people who have never surrendered their lives to Jesus?
  • Are we praying for people who have left the Lord and are no longer following him?


When the door is closed you may be tempted to give up.  Yet, we serve a God who can knock down any door that might stand between you and what God wants to do in your life.  God is able and willing to blow down doors that seem permanently shut.

Send out a 911 call to God and confess that the doors are closed and you desperately need him. When you pray, you are telling God, “I am totally dependent on you and am asking you to bring about what only you can make happen”  God will listen.

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