Thanks for Your Comments

coffee17_1.jpgAt the end of most every post, you will see the word "comments."  Many of you regularly leave comments on these posts.  (If you wish to do so, just double-click on the word "comments" and it will allow you to not only view the comments that others have left but will give you the opportunity to leave a comment as well.)

Some of the people who comment have their own blogs (though many people who comment do not have blogs).  Try moving your cursor over their name.  If you see a hand when the cursor is over their name, you can double-click and usually get to their blog.  Let me encourage you to look at some of these very fine blogs.  I have discovered some good blogs through people who have left comments here.

Some of you who have left comments in the last month include: J of Mo, Adam, Matthew, Liam, Jennifer, Kristine, Connie, Kinney, Ben, Kristen, Michelle, Dusty, Tim, Brad, Darryl, Darin, James, Jeff, Wayne, Wayne, Ted, Drew, Steve, Becky, Arlene, John, Wendy, Bill, Bill, Chris, John F., Scot, Lorene, Sam, Stephanie, Alison, Rachel, Gary, Chad, Jonas, Aaron, and more. 

Thanks very much.   

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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