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coffee.jpgI love the word passion.

I like to be around people who are passionate about things that really matter.  These people have a way of living with a sense of purpose and mission.  Often, they are almost single-minded with a sense of clarity about life.

Now I have to admit that it’s not just passionate people I admire.  Rather, it is people who are passionate about the things that matter to God — passionate about kingdom living regardless of how foolish this might seem to others.

Think about passionate Christ-followers you have known.  What are these people like?  What qualities stand out?  

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10 thoughts on “Tell Me What You Think

  1. At first glance to me they were a bit weird… I have found them to be weird and challenging to my thinking….my brain sometimes explodes being around them trying to figure them out and then my heart breaks that i was trying to…..and in the confusion I have to turn to Him and discover ……that He is in that very confusion trying to guide me away from figuring them out and towards just following them …don’t know if this makes sense.

  2. This post reminds me of a discussion in class between two of my peers the first year of my graduate program (7 years ago!).  Both women are extremely passionate and were in what felt like an argument to me.  I realized at some point soon after that I equated passion with anger, and that it is not necessarily so.  I experience passionate people, and in this case women, as having a clarity and urgency about a specific issue.  It is passion with integrity, meaning that it is substantial and well-reasoned but also well-felt deep in their soul.  I’ve also realized that passion scares people, and therefore what can be contagious in a beautiful way also can make others run quickly away out of fear or being overwhelmed or who knows what.  I think it also can be fearful in that in listening to other people’s passions, we are called to account in that moment about something that could be truly convicting.  I have run from passionate people in the past b/c I haven’t wanted to hear the message and then have to respond in some way.  This is what is also exciting about passion — it invites others into a place of meaning and purpose and adventure.

  3. Those I have known who are really passionate about following Christ aren’t as concerned about material things as most people around them.  They focus on giving rather than getting.  I guess I would characterize them as very generous people, and not just in terms of material things, but also in giving others the benefit of the doubt. They aren’t judgmental.  They exhibit a generous spirit all around!

  4. I have been blessed to be friends with people who have genuine passion for Our Father.  Qualities that stand out is their INTEGRITY even when no one is watching.  They are also SECURE — they do not feel they have to follow the desires of the crowd.. because they know the value they have in the eyes of God.

  5. Samantha,I like the two words you emphasize in your comment.  Very good.  Integrity and Security.  These two are so important.  Hope you will comment again. 

  6. Jennifer,You make a number of very good points.  I think you are so right.  A number of people do associate passion with anger.  Yet, as you say, people are actually brings to the front some clarity and urgency about a particular issue.In particular, Jennifer, I like your closing sentence:This is what is also exciting about passion — it invites others into a place of meaning and purpose and adventure.What a nice way to express this.  Very good.