Take Pleasure in a Pause

(A few years ago, I began this blog as a place to help people get the day started.  I wanted to do this because I know that the mindset with which I approach the day makes an incredible difference.  From there, I moved into some other areas.  I began writing some posts which were related to the church, ministry, and walking with God in general.  I hope that somewhere in all of this you can find something encouraging and helpful to you).


When a week is hectic, you may feel as if you don’t have time to pause, much less rest.  Too much to do.  You may find yourself working on an e-mail while you talk on the telephone as you motion for someone at your office door to come in. 


This has been a hectic day–in fact it has been a hectic week.  I won’t say this has been a normal week.  It has been very busy though.  A wedding to prepare for this weekend.  A sermon and two classes to prepare for.  Correspondence that I am behind on.  Lunch with a wonderful young man.  Lunch with dedicated church leader.  Lunch with a guy who is struggling.  Meetings with this one and that one.  Long conversations on the telephone with a few people.  A survey to complete for a Baylor graduate student.  This week has just felt very busy. 


When I feel this busy, the last thing I think about is a break, a pause, or some sort of activity which doesn’t really contribute to getting this work done.


Yet, I’ve found that the Lord will provide a pause.  Sometimes such a pause can feel so refreshing.


  • A conversation with a 70 year old gentleman after a Bible class who tells me how meaningful the class was for him.
  • A conversation with a young woman who has dealt with numerous health problems in her family and yet she continues to trust God.
  • Some e-mails and comments from people regarding a recent post on this blog.
  • A pleasant lunch with a young father who seems to have such a good heard on his shoulders.
  • A sermon I recently heard by William Willimon (on c.d.)
  • Recent encouraging remarks by a gentleman just prior to our assembly.
  • A sweet little girl from our church who saw me at lunch at Cheddars this week.  She climbed into the booth where I was sitting and hugged me.  Wow!


Maybe–just maybe–you and I ought to pay attention and appreciate these pauses in our day.  Maybe we ought to soak up these brief but important God given moments.


Maybe–just maybe–you will be used by God today to provide such a moment for the receptionist at work, the guy at the tire store, or a person from your church. 


Don’t underestimate the value of a brief pause from God.

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4 thoughts on “Take Pleasure in a Pause

  1. Jim, Thanks so much for this pause/reminder. Your posts each day contribute to many folks getting a break and a good word from God.