Take Care of Who?

How many "how to" books exist?  I don’t know but there are many of them.  We tend to think that way I guess.


  • How to raise these children
  • How to be married to this person
  • How to go to work every day and get it all done
  • How to have a great church life
  • How to do all of the above in the same life without going crazy 🙂


Some of us are scrambling to keep our lives in the middle of the road without wrecking anything.


The truth is that many of us are tired…really tired.  All of these demands and expectations.  People wanting (demanding?) this and that.  Never enough time. 


Do you know what I learned some years ago?  I learned the value of self-care.  That is, if I take care of my self (body, mind, emotions, heart, etc.) then I have much more to offer people with whom I am in relationship.  I remember telling my girls (when they were small).  "If daddy can take a 15 minute nap before we play, I will be a better daddy."  I knew if I could just rest for a few minutes, I would have more energy to focus on them.


Self-care is not selfishness.  In fact, it is an aspect of stewardship.  Self-care is to recognize that I am not my own but I belong to God.  My task is to manage what he has given me.


I have found when I take care of my body and mind, I have more to offer.  When I also make the effort to stay healthy emotionally, I am less likely to burn out or live as a frazzled person. 


I began to realize this a number of years ago.  I noticed that I felt sluggish if I did not exercise.  If I read regularly,  my mind tended to stay sharp and stimulated.  I could always feel the effects of not reading over a period of time.


You might give this some thought…

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3 thoughts on “Take Care of Who?

  1. I realized not long ago that I needed to re-order my priorities.
    I scrapped the established standard: 1)God, 2)family, 3)everything else. Now, I have a completely different hierarchy. I serve Jesus. Period. I put Him first while I practicing multiplication by 8s with my 3rd grader. I serve Him while I work in the yard (it’s His yard). I nap unto Him (it’s His body). I serve Him while I prepare a biblical teaching. The specifice just don’t matter.
    I agree that we take care of ourselves as an act of worship and for the greater good.

    (Have a great week – I’ll be away…)

  2. Jim, I wish I would have known this earlier in life. And when in school.

    For me, something of this kind of thinking now requires me to adjust and make changes. But, like Julie says, hopefully keeping Jesus in the center of it all. Thanks.