What Are You Thankful For?

(Thanksgiving Week)

ThanksgivingTurkeyThis is Thanksgiving week and I am grateful to God. Like you, I can make quite a list of what I am thankful for.  I will give you some of the reasons why I am grateful. Perhaps in the comments you will be willing to share what you are thankful for.

*I am grateful to God, that through Jesus, I can have relationship with him.  As a result, I am also privileged to have relationship with many, many people in his church.

*I am grateful to Charlotte, for decades of marriage, for being a partner with me through each chapter of our adult lives. Together we have lived in Florence, Ala.; Pulaski, Tn.; Dallas, Tx.; Abilene Tx.; Florence, Ala. (again); Kansas City, Mo.; Waco, Tx.; and Memphis, Tn.


thankful.jpgToday, I am thankful.


I am thankful to God who is the giver of everything else I am thankful for.  I’m grateful to him for the relationship that I enjoy with him.  Through it all, he has stayed with me, sustained me, prodded me, and has shown his grace in so many ways.


I am thankful for my wife Charlotte.  I am grateful that I can honestly say that our marriage is enjoyable.  She has loved me through years of life — and that says a lot!


I am thankful for two daughters, Jamie and Christine, and our son-in-law Phillip.  I am tempted at this point to tell you the many, many reasons why I am proud of them.  Perhaps what means the most to me is that I see in each of them a love for God that is real and genuine.


I am thankful for encouragers.  I can remember the encouraging words and actions of others from decades ago!  These moments of encouragement are stored away in the safety deposit box of my mind.


I am thankful for sweet moments in which someone has taken the time to call, write a note, or in some way express care.  What a nice moment when someone has initiated in some way: "Hey you are on my radar screen today!"  (By the way, this happens so frequently on this blog.)


I am thankful for the smell of hot coffee, the taste of cinnamon, and the sound of children laughing.  What else?   Dark chocolate.  Guacamole.  The smell of anything on the grill.    


I am thankful for anticipation.  How I love those moments just before one of my daughters comes home.  Many, many times I have looked through our kitchen window waiting to see them drive down our street toward home.  Finally, I see that familiar car and I hurry outside to greet her.


I am thankful for Thanksgiving.  It is a yearly reminder that I have so many reasons to be grateful to God.   


These reflections were written in response to an invitation by L. L. Barkat


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