Places I’ve Been

The following links are some places I’ve been recently.  Enjoy!


Skye Jethani has written a fine post on the economic downturn and the churches’ ministry.


Also, see Terry Rush and his reflections on ministry and the economy.


Alan Hirsch has posted a funny cartoon on "The Last Thing to Convert."


Scot McKnight on "Reawakening Your Prayer Life."


Liam Byrnes has written a post in which he reflects on, "The Bleakness of Despair and the Harshness of Love."


See the cartoon at L.L. Barkat’s post, "This Was Me Two Days Ago.


You might read Mike Zook’s post on "Living in the Tension."  Mike has some very good observations about controlling.


Read this piece on Tim Spivey’s blog regarding the church.


Gary Cleveland on reading a book with which you disagree.