Monday Start: Resources for the Week


See “Why You Should Commit 30 Minutes to Daily Learning (Without Fail).”  Maybe I enjoyed this because I believe it in this so strongly.  I try to learn something every day.  I may read a book, listen to a podcast, or read a periodical.  In a very short period of time, one can learn something.


From The New York Times, see Tony Schwartz’s article “When Employee Engagement Turns into Employee Burnout.”

Organizational Culture and Productivity

See “Toyota’s Jamie Bonini on Organizational Culture.”  See what Manoush Zomorodi has done with these ideas in this post on her blog New Tech City.  I find this helpful.

Reading and Podcasts

Right now I am reading A Brief History of Thought by Luc Ferry.  This past week I also read a few short stories by Flannery O’Connor.  One of the periodicals that I look forward to skimming is Books & Culture: A Christian Review. Excellent articles.  I also become aware of a number of significant books through this journal.

Note that I am selective about what I include in this post each week.  More than anything, I want to include links and resources that I think might be helpful to you in some way.


Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start (1)Personal Organization

You might enjoy “12 Habits of Perfectly Organized People.”  By no means am I “perfectly organized.”  However, I did find this article thought provoking as I thought about my own productivity.


From Harvard Business School, “Why Leaders Need Great Books.”  Also see “Truth in Fiction” regarding the usefulness of fiction for leaders.

Spiritual Formation

See Pete Scazzero’s post “Leading Out of Learned Silence.”  Helpful.  This means a lot as the author is engaged in congregational ministry.


See “20% of Non-Christians Do Not Know a Christian!”  by Mark Woodward.

Great Story

This a great story that went viral recently:  “Dairy Queen worker’s good deed goes viral.”  This is refreshing.


Two weeks ago, I went to Croatia for the funeral of Mladen Jovanovic.  Croatian state television did this story on his funeral.

Monday Start: Resources for the Week


This is a helpful post: “40 iPhone tips and tricks everyone should know.”


Jeff Goins is always helpful. He offers good suggestions, tools, and insight for anyone interested in writing. “Writing Tips to Make You Better.” You might also enjoy “Here’s How Jeff Goins Writes.”


From Beethoven to Woody Allen – The Daily Rituals of the World’s Most Creative People and What You Can Learn from Them.” I really enjoy getting a peek at how others work. See also “The Daily Routines of Famous Writers.”


John Mark Hicks recently wrote a helpful piece “Stone-Campbell Research Tools.”


Have you seen The City? This is an interesting journal published by Houston Baptist University.


Monday Start: Resources for the Week


Copyblogger interviews Jeff Goins regarding writing.  Such a good interview!

Mike Cope interviews Josh Ross regarding his new book Scarred Faith.  I look forward to reading this book.

20 – Somethings

Jeanna Goudreau has written interesting piece entitled “Why We Need to Take 20 – Somethings Seriously” in Forbes.


See the outstanding guest post on preaching that Grady King has written for Dan Bouchelle’s blog.


Check out this video.  “Why Porn is Addicting: The Science of Pornography Addiction.”


Kate Figes has written an interesting post regarding the impact of an affair on children.  See also her book Our Cheating Hearts.


Monday Start: Resources for the Week

Start1Very interesting

See Michael Gerson’s piece in the Washington Post, “An America that is Losing Faith with Religion.”

Perspective is everything!

See “The Fifteen Greatest Understatements of All Time.”

Great Reflections on Preaching

Dan Bouchelle has invited a number of ministers to reflect on their love for preaching on his blog.  See these posts by Pat Bills, Jonathan Storment, Jerrod Robinson, Josh Graves, and Josh Ross.


You might find this helpful.  “How to Convert PDF into Word Files.”


Smartphone Users Check Facebook 14 Times a Day.” and “Texting in traffic: Adults worse than teens.”


Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start_button_gif (1)What kind of coach are you?

Start the week by reading this very good post. Michael Hyatt recently wrote an excellent post entitled: “A Tale of Two Coaches: What Kind Are You?”

The new religion

Insightful piece about culture and faith today: “Relationships are the new religion for many.” (Thanks to Scott Meyer for this.)


See these articles by Charles Stone: “Pastors Who Lack Close Friends: 4 reasons why” and “Pastors who Suffer from Relational Anorexia.”


Take a look at this post regarding the book Fatherless Generation by John Sowers.  (I need to read this!)


I am in so many situations where I take notes.  You may find this recent article in The Atlantic online helpful.

Don’t miss these!

Don’t miss these two excellent posts on preaching.  Pat Bills has written a fine post in which he reflects on why he loves preaching.  Jonathan Storment has written this post: “What is Great About Preaching.”  Both are excellent.


Monday Start: Resources for the Week


I find John Stackhouse to be helpful when thinking about tough issues.  Stackhouse has taught at Regent College for a number of years.  You can find a list of his books here, as well as some audio/video resources.

Healthy Self-Examination

Peter Scazzero has written a good post: “You Know You Need a Sabbath When

Church Health

See Margaret Marcuson’sNine Indicators of a Healthy Congregation.”  Margaret writes from a Systems perspective.  Her blog is very helpful and consistently has very good posts.


Check out this very nice colorful info graphic “Pixar’s 20 + Rules On Storytelling for Teachers and Students.”  Also see “5 Awesome Info graphics on English Language.”


An interesting post for anyone interested in writing.  “Why these famous authors write — and why you should.”

Rome and Latin America

Peggy Noonan has written a very fine article reflecting on the election of the new Pope.

What Went Viral

See “Apparently This Matters: Mississippi man’s obituary.”  You can find the obituary here. 


Monday Start: Resources for the Week


I really liked this article from, “United Airlines delays travel for man to see dying mother.”


Jonathan Mead has written a good and helpful  post on Jeff Goins’ blog, “Is This Writing Mistake Getting You Ignored by Everyone?


Thom Rainer has really been transparent in this post.  See “When We Lie About Praying for Others: Seven Thoughts.”


Are you familiar with  You might look at the articles available here.  A wide variety of perspectives.


Scot McKnight reflects on “Legalism.”  I found this post to be very helpful.


Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start (1)Preaching to Unbelief

See this thoughtful post by Stan Granberg, “Preaching to Unbelief.”

Movies and Faith

This is an interesting piece from the Huffington Post by Brent Plate.  See “Religion at the Academy Awards.”


Lately I have been listening to some of Ray Edwards’ podcasts.  See this article “My Productivity Tweaks for 2013” where he reflects on his own productivity as the new year begins.

Monday Start

start (1)Leadership Resources

One of the best and most comprehensive sites for finding good Christian leadership resources is Carlus Gupton‘s  Check out this resource guide index to see how comprehensive this site really is.  (I recently heard two days of excellent presentations by Carlus at the Christian Education Conference.)

Churches and Polarization

Margaret Marcuson does outstanding work in the area of systems theory and leadership.  Be sure to read her post “Is Your Church Polarized?”  Very good!

Wrong Way

Great story.  The woman who went 900 miles out of her way as she followed her GPS.  (Thanks to Scott Meyer/Jordan Hubbard for this one.)


See Rory Noland‘s post “5 Reasons Why Intergenerational Worship Works Today.”  Very interesting!  Rory is the director of Heart of the Artist Ministries and was Music Director at Willow Creek Community Church for 20 years.


I found this interesting – especially his resources.  David Brooks’ syllabus for his “Humility” course at Yale.  (See also the Atlantic-wire article.)


What a great moment!  Lebron James tackles fan who wins $75,000 after making a half-court shot.