Starting a New Week


I really don’t like stopping to ask for directions–unless I absolutely have to.  There have been a number of times when I have been driving in an unfamilar city and got "turned around" (I think that may be just another way of saying, "I was lost").  Charlotte will begin looking at the map.  More often she will say, "Are we going to stop and ask for directions?"  Hmmmmmm.  "Well I think I know where we are."  We then drive for another ten minutes or so until I finally ask for directions.  (Is that a pride thing?) 

Sometimes, just continuing to drive doesn’t necessarily get you any closer to your destination.  I learned this the hard way.   You may have to find out where you are so that you can then know which way you need to go.

I have found Sunday evening or very early Monday morning to be a very good time for doing just that.  That is a time in which I need to get my calendar out, my Palm Pilot (or planner), and think about the week that I am about to experience.

1.  What commitments with people have I made that I need to be praying about?  Lunches.  A meeting over coffee.  An appointment in my office.  Some group that I will be with.  Maybe I need to begin praying about this.

2.  Who will I be praying for this week in terms of the people who are in my world?  Family members?  Friends?  Others for whom I am interceding in prayer?  (I have found it to be very helpful to write these names down in the back of my journal)

3.  What does my week look like in terms of stress and time pressure?  Do I need to build in some time where I am doing something that I would really enjoy?

4.  What does my spouse or what do my children need this week?  What will they be dealing with?  What do I need to keep in mind regarding their worlds as I begin my week?

5.  As I look at the week, is there a friend who I need to call?  Perhaps this is a person who just lost a job.  Maybe this is a friend who has a medical test this week.

6.  What will I be reading in my Bible this week?  Am I reading another book as well which might help me mature in Christ?

Too many of us wrap up the weekend and then hit the accelerator to begin a new week without doing any reflecting upon the meaning of the new week.  You might stop for a moment.  The week could turn out to be much different than it might have been otherwise.

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