Something Good About the Church

Occasionally I will visit a different church.  Doesn’t happen much.  Most of my Sunday mornings are committed. 🙂 


I have these memories of visiting churches over the years when it seemed like one of the ministers or other church leaders were trying too hard to convince us that this was really a good church.  (In a few cases, it felts like I was in a store with a salesperson who really wanted me to buy his or her product).  I sat there thinking, "I hope I don’t do this or sound like this."  So I am kind of sensitive about not wanting to go on and on about the church where I am and how great it is.


Having said that, yesterday was a good day.  No it wasn’t any big thing.  Rather it was a number of seemingly small things in which God obviously had his hand in the middle of them.


1.  We prayed for a 86 year old man with inoperable stomach cancer.  He is not expected to live very long.   He was surrounded by his children and his grandchildren.  This is a wonderful family.  They asked us to pray for peace for this gentleman and for the rest of the family.


2.  At our Life Group last night a guy led the group for the first time.  He lead a wonderful discussion in which a number of women and men present wrestled with our need for God’s mercy.  This was his first time to facilitate the group.  Was I ever proud of him!


3.  Yesterday in our Bible class (early 20’s), we had a great discussion on the importance of stepping into the marketplace as if we were working for the Lord Jesus himself.  One young husband and father spoke to the group about his spiritual journey.


4.  Also in our Life Group.  One little girl brought her butterfly (a small cage).  One young girl told us about her hit in a softball game this past weekend..  Adults gathered in our living room to watch a kindergartner "break dance."  (He wanted us to gather around and watch him!).


5.  Last night I looked at some of the people in our Life Group.  I thought of the growth that I had seen in some of them over the past couple of years.  That was encouraging to think about.


6.  Finally, a few people remarked that some of the recent messages had helped them in some way.  I am amazed and encouraged at the way God works through me or anyone else to encourage somebody.


(By the way, I would love to be fishing for this salmon in the picture!  In fact, I would love to be eating the salmon in the picture.)

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5 thoughts on “Something Good About the Church

  1. Amie,
    Yes–these are small groups with people of all ages. We rotate caring for the kids every Sunday afternoon. Because someone is caring for the kids, we try to keep the actual study/prayer time at an hour. There are snacks and people enjoy visiting for awhile. The kids play…