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Can you believe this cheesecake?  I know–you are wondering, "Why the picture of the cheesecake?"  During Thanksgiving Charlotte, Christine, Jamie, and myself all shared this wonderful cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory in Dallas (Northwest Highway across from Northpark).  This is probably one of our favorite places to eat.  Most of all, it was very good for all four of us to be together–just a special time.  And now on a different note…

Some of you might be interested in looking at this article on depression that recently appeared in Relevant online magazine.  The article is entitled, Can a Real Christian Have Depression?  A lot of people struggle with this.  Maybe you would find it helpful.  Somehow, we must help to make it ok for people to admit that they struggle with this.  In the last month, I have talked with at least five families where a family member is struggling with this.

Did you happen to see the pictures of the NBA brawl (Indianapolis vs. Detroit vs fans)?  This morning I read an article by Kathleen Parker.  The article is entitled, A Broken Window into Civilization.  She writes: 

…we might consider a profane and sex-saturated culture in which coarse language, base human interaction and incivility are no longer the exception but the norm. In such a climate, shock jocks and post-pubescent television producers think scatological humor and titillation on public airwaves is a hoot. It’s knee-slappingly funny during family time – the more and better to offend. Setting aside for a moment the utter banality of what passes for entertainment – and the yawn that has replaced contempt amid extreme familiarity – such cultural coarsening nourishes the impression that nothing matters and no one cares. Parents struggling to raise decent, well-mannered children in this swamp know, of course, that everything matters. Even the words we use. When we ignore the little niceties – tolerating coarse language or behavior in public – we invite larger fractures in civilization, which is a fragile facade after all.

You might want to look at the entire article.

Have you read Sacred Parenting?  A great read!

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