See You August 1!

I just got back from Rudy’s Barbecue.  (No, that is not my bike…)  What a great place!  Texas Barbecue.  Beef.  Great sauce.  Casual atmosphere. 

For an hour I sat with two great friends.  What a great day for such a lunch.  This is the day before my vacation and study time begins.  It’s been a productive week and now I am going to leave for vacation.  So, we laughed and talked together and poured more barbecue sauce. 

After today I’ll be on vacation for two weeks.  I will also take two weeks to study and prepare for the fall.  Basically, I am out all of July.  I am ready.  Each year when I do this, I come back a different person.  More fresh and more focused.  It is a time to think, dream, enjoy life. 

I suspect that I will post something on this blog occasionally but not like I do at the present.  I am looking forward to this…

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2 thoughts on “See You August 1!

  1. Have a great month, Jim. I look forward to reading your insights … and I need to suggest something like this to my elders for me! May God bless you with a rich time of renewal and contemplation.