So today I’m scrambling.  My office has wedding "stuff" all over it.  It seems to grow every day.  (I think that it’s a drop off point).  I’m trying to get my work done and then run wedding errands at lunch.  Today, I’ve been thinking about so many thoughtful people who in some way are helping us with this wedding.  We are very blessed.  We have friends and family coming in tomorrow and then more on Thursday. 


So what do people want to see when they come here?  Some want to see the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.  Others want to go to Crawford and see where the President lives.  Now a lot of people will want to see the protesters.  There are several locations of protesters and then there are the supporters.  There are Hollywood people who show up as well as Al Sharpton types.  Will probably be interesting.


I am determined to enjoy all of this this week.  A pretty big moment for our family.

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