ScientologyWhile in Austin a few weeks ago, I walked by the center for Scientology on Guadalupe Street, just across from the University of Texas.  People were streaming into this place.  If you’ve noticed some of the publicity that Tom Cruise has been getting lately, you might run across this.  For a number of years he has spoke of his commitment to Scientology.   Yesterday,  I ran across the quote below on Amy Welborn’s blog.  This might give a brief explanation of Scientology.  This is an excerpt from the Toledo Blade.

The open-ended view of God means that Scientology does not contradict any other religious tradition and that people of all faiths can practice Scientology, Ms. Stanard said.


"As Scientology deals with a person as a spiritual being, a person can be a member of another church as well as a Scientologist," she said.


Mike Delaware, an executive secretary of the church in Battle Creek, Mich., described Scientology as "all-denominational."


Many people who become Scientologists stay active in other faith communities, he said, adding that if Katie Holmes joins the Church of Scientology, there is no reason she could not continue to be a practicing Roman Catholic.


According to Mr. Bromley, however, it’s doubtful that anyone who makes a genuine commitment to Scientology will continue practicing another faith.

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