Return from San Diego

SdhomelessI just got back from San Diego.  I went as one of the adult sponsors for our annual high school mission trip. 

The weather was beautiful.  San Diego is a beautiful city (my first visit there).  However, that was contrasted by the incredible number of people living on the street.  Woman and men, both young and old.  Our 28 kids worked with a rescue mission all week.  I was so proud of this high school group.

I have been thinking about some of the impressions and thoughts that I had during the week:

First, I saw tremendous compassion from our high school kids toward the poor.  They have such a heart for the disadvantaged.  I wish that I had been where they are when I was their age.

Second, after seeing several hundred people on the street and having the experience of giving away lunches, I feel silly about some of the things that we talk about at church.  Maybe we should feed people on the streets and then have elders meetings, assemblies, Bible classes, etc.  I have a feeling that we would have very different agenda’s and expectations.

Third, I was reminded again of how hard life can be.  One of our teens, Loren, referred to the pain that he saw in their eyes.  Kayla, one of our interns, had a man look at her and say, "When you get this old, you just want to die."  I needed to be reminded of how badly people need the love of God, the love of others, and to experience the life of Jesus.

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