Resources That May Interest You

In the last week, I have read or listened to several resources that may interest you.  Of course, I am listing these because in some way each had some value for me.

Are You a Procrastinator?  This Simple 5 Minute Trick Will Completely Change Your Life.  (The title is quite a promise.  Nevertheless, I did find this very helpful.)  From INC magazine.

Just listened to a podcast featuring Harvard Business professor, Francesca Gino.  Why It Pays to Break the Rules in Life, Work & Leadership.  Very thoughtful interview.  Made me think.

This weekend, I re-read two chapters from Trevor Hudson’s book (1996) Christ-Following: Ten Signposts to Spirituality.  Hudson is an excellent writer who has blessed me greatly.  If you are not acquainted with his works, you are in for a treat.

Finally, I read a very sobering interview from the Guardian about the relationship between Apple founder Steve Jobs and his daughter, Lisa Brennen-Jobs.  The article is entitled, “The daughter Steve Jobs denied: “Clearly I was not compelling enough for my father.”

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