Refusing to Settle


“I’m bored.” How many times have you heard that from your children? How many times have you said that? I know that I have said it far too many times. I think that when I do say it, it is because I am waiting for something to happen. It is almost like I am frustrated because nothing is happening to me or in my life that makes me feel “not bored.” Do you ever think like that? It is easy to just get into a passive mindset feeling like someone ought to do something to make you feel better. I remember one time feeling this way and then feeling irritated that no one in my family was doing anything about it.

So—here it is the first of a new week. Will I be passive and just live a mindless existence wondering why good things are not happening to me? Will I choose to “settle”?

Many people live such empty boring lives. Their lives are boring, not because they are not wealthy, or privileged, or attractive people. Their lives have become boring because they “settle.” There are a lot of people who settle for whatever lifestyle will bring no pain, bear no risk, and cost little time or money. They choose to live a “soft” life ignoring the challenges that God brings their way.

How about this for a lifestyle?

1. Relationships–“so-so.” because I rarely make the effort to take the initiative in the relationship. It is always upon the other person.

2. Family–“Just getting by.” We barely know one another. We just haven’t been willing to invest the time or the energy.

3. Church— “Oh I attend.” True but most of the time I spend critiquing and evaluating other people.

4. Personal ministry— “Don’t give it much thought.” I guess not. A lifestyle of just getting by is focused on me. It is not focused on serving others.

Contrast this with the life of faith! A few minutes ago, I was praying for some “impossible” things to happen in my life. I have a list of them written in the back of my journal. Things that are impossible unless God intervenes and makes them happen. I find that when I pray this way, I feel energized again as I begin to look for how God might respond to such requests.

What about you? Do you begin the week ready to “go for it?” Or, do you simply live for Friday. Do you go through the week focused on how dull and boring each day is? Or, do you go through the week with eyes open as to what God might be up to in your world?

A boring life is not something that happens to you. A boring life is something that you create by settling for mediocrity. Is that really what you want?

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One thought on “Refusing to Settle

  1. Hey Jim, I just got back from the Zoe Worship conference in Nashville. It was so uplifting. I dont want to settle for boring!
    I hope you are having a great week. Sharon