GenuineI don’t think that I want to be Melvyn Reed.  He just had triple by-pass heart surgery and was waking up. When he came to, his wives were there to greet him.  Wives.  Not ex-wives or former wives.  These were women who he was married to at the same time.  Until that moment none of them knew that the others existed.  They all showed up at the same time!  Not exactly what he planned.

It takes a lot of energy to deceive.  It takes energy to pretend.  It takes energy to live a double life.  It is far simpler to tell the truth.  One of the most attractive characteristics about Jesus is his absence of guile.  He has a refreshing guinuiness that is so attractive.

I feel less drawn to people who seem to have it all together.  There are people like that you know.  They seem to have it all going "right".  Money.  Good Job.  Money.  Good looks.  Money.  Experiencing exciting vacations.  Money.  Family is doing great.  Etc. 

Are you like that?  Maybe you are?  Maybe that will be the kind of life you will life from now on.  Or, maybe this will be your life… for a little while.

This is not my life.

At times I feel very discouraged. 

Sometimes I feel very frustrated.  Frustrated with the church.  Frustrated with me.

There are times when I feel bored.  Bored with some Christians who seem to think that the status quo is normal.

At times I feel angry.  Angry at the way we can stay distant and aloof from people while we play in our sandboxes full of adult toys (cars, audio systems, trinkets, the latest in…blah, blah, blah). 

Most of us don’t have three wives who we are trying to deceive.  I do think, however, that we may be deceiving ourselves.

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