Random Thoughts for Ministers

1. What you are doing within your congregation is good, important, and a significant way to spend your life.  What a gift you have been given!

2. Stop trying so hard to be cool, liked, valued, etc.  When you do this, it is painful for some in the congregation to watch.  It can seem like a desperate way to get validation.  Just live authentically before these people.

3. Ok, no one is perfect.  However, you don’t have to go out of your way to prove this just so that you can relate.  Seek to be a Christ-like person.  You are most valuable to a group of people when you simply take your own spiritual transformation seriously.

4. You and I both know how difficult your work is.  I did congregational ministry for many years.  I know some of the unique challenges.  However, many other men and women in your church also work very, very hard.  Some may have two jobs.  Rather than talk about how hard you work and how much you are in demand, just serve and let your life speak for itself.

5. Remember that behaviors which seem like no big deal may turn out to be costly.  Failing to return phone calls and ignoring texts or e-mails can become the very irritants that could eventually undermine one’s ministry.  Neglecting to respond to people over a period of time really can hurt a minister’s credibility.

6. Beware of some shortcuts.  You can attempt to manipulate a few elders before the regular leadership meeting.  You may even be successful and see this as a way to get things done.  However, manipulation is not love and does not reflect the maturity of a minister.

7. Learn to listen well.  Too many ministers do not ask questions and listen.  Far too many of us dominate conversations instead of asking good questions.

8. Beware of being cocky.  The minister who walks with a certain swagger may be revealing more than he realizes.  Such an attitude doesn’t necessarily convey competence, effectiveness, or godliness.  Instead, it often conveys an exaggerated view of oneself.

9. Be a godly, spiritually healthy person.  Yes, skill, training, and competence are important.  Even more important though, is who you are as a person before God.

10.Love God more than you love your work, your training, and your expertise.  A passionate love for God can bring focus, clarity, and purpose to your life and ministry.

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