Question: Who is the Best Minister You Have Ever Known?

coffee19.jpgI like what Mike Cope said yesterday regarding a mutual friend, Eddie Sharp, upon his move to work with a church in Austin, Texas, after a longtime ministry in Abilene.  Mike referred to Eddie as "maybe the best minister I’ve known in my life."  That is a strong statement, but Mike had good reason for saying it.  Eddie is an outstanding minister!  (See the article regarding his move in the Abilene Reporter News.)

I am curious.  Who is the best minister you have ever known?  What was it that has caused you to remember and value this person’s ministry? 

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17 thoughts on “Question: Who is the Best Minister You Have Ever Known?

  1. Terry and Mary Rush are the best ministers I’ve ever known. They are so in love with Jesus that it just oozes out onto everyone around them.

  2. It would be David Wray for us.  My David and I had the honor of being in his "Young Adult Couples" bible class back in the day, while we attended Highland where he is an Elder and had him as a teacher at ACU and David was his GA in Grad School.
    Here’s the thing – the same Godly, spirit directed, pastoral person showed up in all those different situations.  He is the real deal – authentic to the bone.  And what is more, it is because of God that He looks like He does.  His natural bent is to be driven and focused and task focused but God has shaped his heart into the lover of people that we see today.
    Praise God!

  3. My response will be different than other because my favorite minister of all time is my father. Since minister means servant, he fits the bill. He does fill in preaching from time to time and that is part of the reason I am a minister today.
    He is the one who inspired me to preach and here I am.

  4. Best minister. Hmmmm… Do you mean professional? I suppose it’s not fair to say that my spouse is the most ministerial person I’ve ever known? (Not a professional though! He’s in the conflict resolution field.) What a great listener he is, filled with compassion, and faithful in prayer.

  5. Oh, and as an aside… I coming to Texas at the end of July! Laity Lodge, for the Winner/Bolsinger retreat. How nice it would be to meet you, though I suspect you are too far from there to make it feasible.

  6. Present company excluded? 🙂 Toby Slough unknowingly "channeled" God for me for three years every Sunday.  Many times I truly felt like his words on Sunday came from reading my diary the week before. It was such a blessing to know Toby! Mike Cope is the preacher whose family I knew the best. He is as real as they come. I have seen him in all sorts of settings and he is just the same as he is on Sunday, Wednesday and on his blog. I cherish my time at Highland because of the Copes. But the over all BEST MINISTER I have had the honor of knowing would have to be Bill Young who preached in the church I grew up in for many years. (Coincidentally, I think he is going to be he interim preacher for Eddy Sharp) Bill Young was a great preacher, minister, administrator and Fun elder type! He was also highly involved and active in the lives of everyone at our church. I remember him coming to the hospital when my sister was born and taking me to get a drink in the cafeteria. I remember fishing with him at family retreats. I always felt like he was my family.  I was so sad when he moved away when I was in High School.

  7. Arlene,What a tribute to David and even more so to the God who has shaped him.What a wonderful witness to this authentic Christ-follower. 

  8. Gallagher,What a tribute to your Dad!  Your words testify to the power of Christ-like authenticity as witnessed by a child in his/her home.  Thanks. 

  9. L.L.,I suppose that I had in mind "professional" ministers when I wrote the post and asked the question.  However, after reading your comment, I would really like to broaden this to include people such as your husband.  Thanks.(Glad you are going to be at Laity Lodge.  Let me get back with you regarding this.) 

  10. SGA great comment!  I appreciate what you said about each one of these people.  In particular, I enjoyed what you said regarding Bill Young.  What a wonderful guy! 

  11. Well…I don’t think I could pick a best.But I am incredibly grateful for the service of Mr. Newsham, an international missionary.  Before he moved overseas, I had the blessing of learning more about Christ and grace through his teaching and lifestyle.As a lonely 12-year-old girl, obsessed with his youngest baby, I’m am still thankful for his kind response the day I let his little infant fall onto her face into the dirt. I am grateful for his response to me when I got in a fight with his 11-year-old son. And I am really, really grateful that he told me, and his little congregation, about Christ’s love.He is a blessing.  

  12. As Lynn Anderson signed my copy of his book, I mentioned that we have a mutual friend – Jim Martin.  He grinned and said, "Boy, he’s a good one, isn’t he."  I said, "Yes sir, he is."