Question: What Would Help the New Year?

question_mark_778895.gif.jpgWe are just a few weeks away from 2009, a new year.  For many people, a new year is a time of beginning again and starting over.  For some it is a time to rethink our health, our priorities, and the overall way in which we approach life.


I would like to speak to our church family regarding the new year and the opportunities and possibilities it brings.  What do you think might be helpful or even important in thinking about the near year?  What could be addressed that you might find helpful?


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4 thoughts on “Question: What Would Help the New Year?

  1. Pastor Jim,A walk through the Sermon on the Mount and discussing kingdom priorities would be good.  Jesus seemed to spend a good bit of time with this subject (Acts 1:3).  Seems that we should too.Grace and Peace

  2. Most important is to present a message of hope.  Especially now when the economic situation of many seems so bleak.  Good time to remind us of where we place our hope.  The Psalms is a good place to start, I think.