Question: What Significant Questions Are Being Asked?


It was a very fascinating discussion.

Charlotte and I were in Zagreb, Croatia. We were having dinner at the home of a very fine couple who are serving the Croatian people by leading a ministry training institute. The Biblical Institute is making a difference in the lives of students and ultimately the churches they serve. Also at this dinner were several Croatian ministers along with a number of other Christians from a congregation in Zagreb.

At one point during this dinner, I was visiting with the director of the Biblical Institute and asked him what significant questions were being asked by their students. He responded with these two observations:

1. “Many of our students want to know what authentic Christianity really looks like. They open their Bibles and examine what they read and measure it against traditional Christianity. The gaps and differences are obvious to them. They want to know why this is so. They want to follow the Bible wherever it might lead them.”

2. “These students want to know about the work of the Holy Spirit. Their questions typically are not about tongue speaking or other gifts like that. Rather, they want to know how the Holy Spirit sustains the church. How does the Holy Spirit work to provide ongoing power and endurance to a church?”

We had a wonderful discussion that evening. As we left their house that evening, I thought about questions that people have in the church where I serve. I also thought about some of the questions that I have been asked through this blog during the last few years.

Will you give this some thought? What significant questions do you hear others ask?


What significant questions do you hear other Christians ask? What are three questions that you would like to see a church address?

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2 thoughts on “Question: What Significant Questions Are Being Asked?

  1. Have gone thru the study, Discerning the Voice of God, Priscilla Shirer this summer. i think there are lots of students asking how do i hear the voice of God and how do i know that it is His voice i hear. welcome back from your study and travels. Hannah went to Cinque Terre when she was studying abroad, she really enjoyed it. Our congregation is sending one of our dear young families to Waco in a couple of weeks. I have encouraged them to call and set a time to visit with you and charlotte.

  2. What significant questions do you hear other Christians ask?
    What three questions would you like to see a church address?
    1. How can I decide what it is important to hold on to and what it is best to let go from traditional
    2. How do I manage to continue to be a part of a traditional church setting, yet continue to grow?
    3. What do I do when I experience a paradigm shift and no longer believe many of the things the
    people at my church do?