Question: What Did You See In Your Mother?

coffee31.jpgMother’s Day is this Sunday.

What quality did you see in your mother that you would like to duplicate in your own life?  In particular, was there a quality about her that moved you toward God?

On the other hand, perhaps your experience with your mother was rather painful and difficult.  How have you seen God overcome these obstacles, so that in some way, you moved toward him? 

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12 thoughts on “Question: What Did You See In Your Mother?

  1. My Mom always displays a meek and gentle spirit, unlike any I have ever witnessed in anyone else.  I want to be like that.   –  Keith

  2. Codependency.
    Which is a struggle now more so than ever before because I built up some "safe boundaries" over the years in my relationship with her…
    but then she moved close by 5 months ago…
    and now I’m her pastor.
    Easy some days, hard on others.

  3. Oh, I am so glad you asked….
    A deep love and joy in people
    Extravagant generosity
    Hospitality that honored the Lord and whoever walked into our home

  4. Hi Tony,It sounds as if you have been very "self-aware" over the year, building up proper boundaries and all.  Now, she is not only closer to you but you also are now her pastor.  I wish you the best as you continue to relate to her and keep some appropriate boundaries.Thanks 

  5. Greg,What wonderful words about your mother.  That she would show unconditional love to some of the people in your family who are most difficult to love.  How wonderful.  

  6. Arlene,Your mother sounds wonderful.  I really like the way you describe her, especially using words like "extravagant generosity."  Thank you.  

  7. My mother is a godly and faithful women. Her faith in God has influenced my faith in a huge way.  Thank you mom for your influence on my life. 
    On another note: I would apprecaite you and your readers to stop by my blog and post an encouraging comment for a family who is suffering greatly. 
    God bless you Jim.
    In Him,
    Kinney Mabry
    Preacherman! 🙂