Question: Have You Been Blessed By a Godly Mentor?

coffee30.jpgI have been blessed by several Godly mentors in my life.  People like James Long, Charles Coil, and Lynn Anderson have mentored me at critical times in my life.  I am thankful for their words, their example and for their influence. 

Can you point to a man or woman who has been critical in your development as a Christ-follower?  How did this person impact your life?

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6 thoughts on “Question: Have You Been Blessed By a Godly Mentor?

  1. There was little talk of mentoring in the circles I traveled in as a young adult/young mom. Discipleship was presented as a series of fill-in-the-blank Bible study books or verses to memorize – tasks to complete and check off a list.
    I knew I needed to learn how to follow Jesus, and that it meant more than completing a bunch of religious activities. There weren’t many willing older folks in my life, so I began reading books, looking for wisdom and for some patterns I might follow. Biographies, spiritual life classics, and contemporary good thinkers all kept me company for years of my journey.
    My own poverty of personal experience in this regard is now both obvious and ironic: I  have had several young women come to me and ask me to mentor them. These young women are wise beyond their years for recognizing and seeking out someone (even someone like me, who has no idea what she’s doing!) to walk with them.

  2. Jim I truly know that you have been a mentor in my christian life.  I had never taken a bible to Church until I started going to a Church where you preached.  You have always challenged people to grow in their christian walk through studying the Bible and reading books.  I will always remember the group of men that you got together for a study, accountable, group here in Florence.  I had never encountered anything like that before and it was very good for my christian growth.  Sure there have been other people that have influenced my christian life but none got me studying and thinking about God on a daily bases like you have.

  3. I have been mentored.  Robert Coleman (author of Master Plan of Evangelism) was a mentor during seminary days and afterwards.  I crossed his path as a result of a clerical error (!). From a distance I found myself intimidated by his passion and intellect.  However, in a car ride very early on in time with him I was overwhelmed by his simplicity and warmth.  It was during that ride that he asked if I would be a teaching fellow for him. There are too many examples to point to from the time I was able to travel with him but I will add the BIG stuff.From the very beginning he entrusted me before I even thought I was ready and he built trust.  He never orchestrated anything artificial and he NEVER EVER spoke ill of anyone (something too many seminary professors did – criticism of other teachers and the administration – a trust killer). On numerous occasions he would drift off into dialogues with God (I only overheard half the conversations but it was like a son speaking to his father) which seemed so natural and simple. He has a great love for laughter and respect for every person he meets. His lessons are still sinking in (walk with God and love) but there is no question that time with him trumped time in the classroom.  

  4. Michelle,How wonderful that some young women have approached you and asked you to walk alongside them.Your comment regarding your reading and the wisdom you gained caused me to recall similar experiences in my reading.  I recall reading biographies and feeling blessed that I had the opportunity to spend time with that person. 

  5. Matt,What a tribute to Robert Coleman!  I really enjoyed reading about your experiences with him.  How wonderful to be up close to a person see such authenticity and character.Your post will no doubt impact my thoughts the next time I come across his name.

  6. Doug,What a thoughtful, encouraging comment.  I got so much out of that men’s group as well.  Those were good years in which I grew a great deal as well.  I am grateful that God has worked through our our friendship so that you find that you study and think about God on a daily basis.  How wonderful. For many years God has used you as one of the most important encouragers in my life.  On more than one occasion you have encouraged me when I have been discouraged.Thanks.