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I am encouraged.  Our elders are doing something pretty bold right now.  A few weeks ago, they announced to the church that they and the ministers of the Crestview Church were going to spend the next five weeks praying together daily (Monday through Friday).  And–they announced that they were not going to have any meetings during this time where they would talk about various ministries, stuff related to the church, etc.  Now of course this doesn’t include people issues.  In fact, they are encouraging people to continue to approach them for help in whatever way.  This is a first for me!  We have now been in prayer together for 10 hours in the last two weeks.  This has been a great experience.  Someone might ask, "What could you pray for every day?  Believe me, there is plenty.  Our own sins.  The present and future of the church.  People.  People.  People.  Ministry opportunities. etc.  This is a big step for us.

Looking for something to read?  What about Running on Empty?  It is a good read.  Deals with a workaholic minister and what helped him to get his life right.  If that doesn’t see like what you need, what about Sacred Parenting?

A Recent Message.  Look to the right of this blog.  Do you see "A Recent Message?"  That is actually a full length message that I recently preached.  You may find this useful.  It is often helpful to not only hear a message but then be able to read the same message.

This election.  I’ve got to admit.  I know that it is important, but I will be so glad when it is over.  I will be thankful will all advertising from all of the local and national people finally cease.  Just a few more days.

"I’ve moved up in my giving."  That is exactly what one of our college students told me recently.  This student went on to say that she had been giving on Sunday morning, $1 per week.  She now has a part-time job and so has been giving $5 per week.  I felt so encouraged when this person told me that.  There is something encouraging about a person who gets the connection between our money and our relationship with God.  That should not only impact what we give on Sunday morning but how we spend during the week.


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