Praying for Our Children

Much of my life, I have prayed for children.

I have long prayed for our own children, two daughters, who are now grown. (Along with them I have prayed for our son-in-law, who now is like a son to me.)

I now pray also for the children of our children. Brody, Lincoln, Sully, and a child (Sully’s brother or sister) who will be born in a matter of weeks.

I pray for our children and their children that they will love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

I pray that they might be hungry for his Word — for Scripture.

I pray that they might always treasure who they are in Christ.

I pray for their future mates. I pray that these four grandchildren will one day marry people who love the Lord, love Scripture, and love the church.

I pray that they might marry spouses who will have such a heart for God and for his mission in this world that this would shape everything else about their lives.

I pray that the Father will protect them from the evil one. I pray that the Father would shield them from the attacks of Satan.

I pray that these children would grow up refusing to focus on themselves but on the one who died for them and who now reigns as Lord!

I pray that these children, above all else, would trust God and surrender themselves to him and one day live in eternity with him forever.

I will keep praying — and plan to keep praying as long as I live — for these children.

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