Pray for Boston

boston-marathon-explosion-ap-2-041513The day after the Boston Marathon, we wait for more details.

More than 170 are injured and 3 people are dead.  Two bombs exploding changed everything.

I think about the Richard family and how this particular Boston Marathon impacted them. They were all standing near the finish line. As a result of the blast:

Mom had surgery.

Daughter lost a leg.

Son died.  8 years old!

The scene with its blood and carnage must have been horrific.

Meanwhile, this morning, I saw an interesting line in the Washington Post online.  ‘Pray for Boston’: Prayers stream in after Boston Marathon bombing.  From all over the world, social media sites are being bombarded with the plea to Pray for Boston.  (Moments ago, I looked on Twitter at the number of tweets that were using the hashtag #PrayforBoston.  Amazing!)

Maybe there is nothing more important for men and women across the world to do today than to pray for Boston and for these people whose lives have been drastically changed in a moment.


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