Portrait of a Jerk

BadattitudemugYou may wonder, "What kind of mood do you have to be in to write about being a jerk?"  I’m not sure.  It is something that I"ve been thinking about.  We’ve all been around them. 


No Christ-follower should ever be a jerk.  Yes, I know you are not perfect (nor am I).  I know that you make mistakes (so do I).  Still, no Christ-follower should ever be a jerk.  No one could ever accuse Jesus of being such a thing.  No one could ever accuse Jesus of mistreating someone like this.

So what does a jerk look like?

  • Never pass up the opportunity to make someone feel silly, inadequate, or stupid.
  • Find out where your wife/husband is most vulnerable and point out in admiration people of the opposite sex who seem to have what your spouse doesn’t.
  • Be a smart alec.  If you are angry, talk down to the teachers or coaches.
  • In a basketball game at the school, yell at the coach and referee, making your remarks very personal.  Talk about how ugly they are or how fat they look.
  • Never be gracious.  Look for opportunities to let people know that you are smarter, better, brighter, nicer looking, etc.
  • When you drive, weave in and out of the cars on the Interstate (don’t use turn signals).  Get in the left lane and ride the bumper of the car in front of you until they get out of your way.
  • Say something that is a subtle put down to the waitress.  Then look at the others at your table and begin laughing.  She will then be flustered and embarrassed.
  • Look for ways to put people on the spot. 
  • Make fun of the weak.  Physically or mentally handicapped?  A slow learner?  Poor?  Of another race or ethnic group?  No graciousness here.

The bottom line?  A jerk doesn’t care.  She doesn’t care who she hurts or how people feel when they are around her.  In her or his mind, "It’s all about me."

Isn’t the way of Jesus much more attractive?

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