“Poppy, Can We do Something Fun?”

Brody:RalphI am on the campus of Harding University (Searcy, Arkansas) this week.  This is their annual Lectureship. Christians from across the country have gathered. There are a variety of classes, keynote presentations, etc. I spoke yesterday and tomorrow will gather with others at the Harding School of Theology luncheon.

Monday morning, Christine (our oldest daughter)and her two sons, Brody (four years old) and Lincoln (four months old) were walking across the campus.  At one point, Brody said to me “Poppy, can we do something fun?”

Just as he said this, four students walked by. They appeared to be on their way to the library. They smiled when they heard his words. I said to them, “That does sound like a good idea doesn’t it?” They were still smiling but said nothing. However I sensed they were thinking, “I too would love to something fun right now!”

There is something about Brody’s spirit that I love.  Perhaps you will find this helpful as well.

1.  This four year old looks for ways to create a good day.  Far too many adults wait for a good day to happen to them.

2.  This four year old lacks self-consciousness.  He doesn’t seem to worry about what other people might do or say if he expresses how he really feels.  Far too many adults are so preoccupied with looking cool they completely miss the moment.

3.  This four year old can turn any bush, fountain, tree, or clump of mud into an adventure.  Far too many adults walk through a campus and see very little because they are  full of worries and anxieties.

4.  This four year old approaches life with abandon.  At most any moment, he is ready to climb, run, walk, or jump.  Many of us are so reserved and cautious that we smother any spontaneity that we might ever have.

What do you think?  Could it be that there is something to be learned from a four year old?




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