Pleasant — Caring — Engaged

coffee3.jpgI came across this description as I read a few posts in Tom Peter’s blog (business guru, author, world-wide speaker, etc.).  He is quoting a commenter on his blog as this person speaks about Zimmerman’s (a family of food related businesses in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, area).  The commenter says regarding this company:

"They don’t say the interviewee/employee has to be a ball of fire, just pleasant, caring, and engaged in the moment."

How about that!  Three wonderful words that we Christ-followers might consider for ourselves as we begin our day.  What three wonderful words that could describe how we relate to people today. 

Do you work in an office?

Do you interact with a variety of people throughout the day?

Are you a minister?

Do you teach at a university?  Do you interact with students and faculty?

Perhaps you work in a factory.

Perhaps you have a job that is not all that exciting, but it does pay the bills.

Or, you may be a college student, home for the summer.

What if you and I were to remember today to be:

Pleasant.  Caring.  Engaged.

What a difference this might make today as we relate to the people God puts into our lives.  Now this might be worth some thought.

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One thought on “Pleasant — Caring — Engaged

  1. If we had time to have staff meetings, I’d share this! Great reminder of something so elementary in our relationships.