Places I’ve Been

Ben Witherington writes a very interesting post on his friendship with Mike Ford, the son of Gerald Ford.  Mike was a student at Gordon-Conwell Seminary.

Larry James has posted some New Year’s resolution suggestions with each one calling on us to remember the poor.

Matt Elliot with a picture of an advertisement for one-stop shopping.

Doug Murran has an interesting list describing destructive personalities in the church. 

Andrew Jones has written a brief but nice piece on John Piper’s new book When the Darkness Will Not Lift.

A very thoughtful piece by Salmon Schroeder on his blog "How to Be a Christian and Still Go to Church."

Scot McKnight writes an outstanding blog that is read by many, many people.  (Be sure to read his piece today as he reflects on blogging.)  Andrew Jones writes a nice piece about his blog.


Ben Overby is doing something interesting with "Daily Trickle."  Very good. 

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2 thoughts on “Places I’ve Been

  1. Interestingly, Ken Soper who is a professor and attends our church was going to room witih Mike Ford at Gordon Conwell, but then his dad became president! And that was scuttled. In come the secret service guys.