Places I’ve Been

A very nice piece on giving a compliment by Motu.


Greg Fielder on the resignation of the president-elect of the Christian Coalition.  I was especially interested in the reasons he gave for his resignation. 


I love encouragers!  Read this encouraging note, written 20 years ago, from Charles Swindoll to Terry Rush


Just saw on Dan’s blog that Doug Murren is now blogging.  (I recall reading one of his books years ago.) 


Note the quote posted on Darryl’s blog, Dying Church, on "pastoral ambition."  A nice quote! 


Larry James on Michael Richards and racism.  (Larry is Executive Director of Central Dallas Ministries.)


You might enjoy reading a post I wrote earlier this year entitled "Dealing with Depression."  You can get part 1 here and part 2 here.  This might be helpful as we get ready for December.

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