Places I’ve Been

Dr. Sheron Patterson wrote an outstanding article in the Dallas Morning News, October 18, in which she appeals to young women to not pose for Playboy.  (Note: You may have to register at the Dallas News site.  I think it might be worth worth the trouble.)


Former coach Bill Curry has written a great article reflecting on the recent brawl in Miami.


Liam Byrnes reflects on evangelism.  (I was neither thinking or writing like this when I was 21 years old!)


John Dobbs has written a nice piece entitled "Before You Criticize." (John has done a great ministry with post-hurricane relief work in southern Mississippi.)


Bob Robison is doing a series in which he does an organic church on-line tour.  This is the first. 


John Mark Hicks reflects on Luke’s call to remember the poor. 


Do you read Out of Ur?  A wonderful blog published by Christianity Today. 

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