Places I’ve Been

1. Read Michael Hyatt’s “Scheduling Time in the Alone Zone.” This is a very good post. I have practiced some of what he discusses which has made a difference in my life for many years.

2. Daniel Harkavy has written “I Love a Good Vacation in the Morning.” Harkavy speaks of a very important thirty minutes in his day.

3. Rachel Gardner’s blog, “Rants and Ramblings: On Life as a Literary Agent” is an excellent source for anyone interested in writing. This is a blog where I would like to spend some time.

4. David Allen in this video shares some of the concerns he hears from CEO’s that coaches. Interesting that many expressed a need for more personal, creative time.

5. Lilly Fowler has written an article “For Shy Worshippers, Church Can Be Overwhelming.”

6. This is interesting. Bruce Feiler’s “The Council of Dads” (Thanks to Jamie for this link)

(Will be at Pepperdine Lectures this week. Posts will be infrequent. Thanks for reading.)

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