Places I’ve Been

1. Interview with Douglas Moo on the 2011 NIV. One of the most interesting stories this week.

2. Jeff Berryman, “The Day After Being a Preacher.” I love reading Berryman. Very descriptive.

3. Tom Bandy, “Uneasy Evangelism in an Ambivalent World” (Leadership Network)

4. John Stackhouse, “Good Bookstores: If We Ignore Them, They Will Go Away.” Stackhouse, a professor at Regent in Vancouver, speaks about one of my favorite bookstores, Regent’s own campus bookstore.

5. Scot McKnight, “Christian Consumerism: Branding as a Sign.” I thought this was a particularly good post and needs to be read widely.

6. Paul Taylor in the Financial Times. “Tech Tips for Term Time.” On the technology that college students actually use. I found this very interesting.

7. Jimmy Adcox has written a fine article entitled “A Time to Plant.” Note also other good articles on church planting in this series. All of these appear at is a wonderful ministry resource.

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