Places I’ve Been

Did you see this post on Scot McKnight’s “Jesus Creed”? A great post for teachers. Encouraging.

Take a look at this three minute video, “A Lifetime in Snapshots.” Life really is very short.

Anne Jackson did a survey regarding modesty, etc. last week. Here are her results along with many interesting comments.

My former professor, Dr. Everett Ferguson lists his top five books on the first century Greco-Roman world.

How does technology impact personal relationships?

Interesting but sad. Atheists who practice “de-baptism.”

Now this is a really nice story about a surprise pianist as a Vancouver, B.C. maestro helps a British couple in their wedding.

From Michael Hyatt for bloggers “Focus on Blog Content Before Traffic.”

I read L. L. Barkat’s “Seedlings in Stone.” This week I read her post, “Nothing in Return.” She is a wordsmith who has the eye and ear of a poet.

Interesting. Tim Spivey’s “America’s Fastest Dying and Fastest Growing Cities. Tim is a great guy and a good thinker.

Hope that all of you have a good weekend. Be sure to check out “God-Hungry Live.” These are videos collected over the past year or so. These include videos by such people as: John Ortberg, Fred Craddock, Tom Long, N.T. Wright, Scot McKnight, Tim Keller, and many, many others. You can either go to the main page here or you look through the playlist here.

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