Places I’ve Been

Frank McCourt, author of Angela’s Ashes, dies at 78. Read this article regarding his high school teaching years: “A Storyteller Even as a Teacher.”

Don’t have a swimming pool during the hot, sweltering summer months? Check out the dumpster pool.

Read “Top Ten Ways to Ruin Young Pastors.” (Thanks to Andy Rowell for this link.)

Very interesting interview with Kevin Vanhoozer upon his move to Wheaton College and Graduate School in the Fall, 2009.

Michael Spencer has written a post entitled “What Might Boys Read?” You might skim through the many, many comments on this post. Very interesting.

Sam Rainer has written a post entitled “Signs of a Struggling Local Church.” Note this quote taken from the post:

We don’t take risks. Unfortunately, many church leaders have been beat up or burned. As a result, they focus more on not getting in trouble with their congregation than turning the world upside down for Jesus. They lead churches to play it safe rather than taking risks to reach more people.

13 Idea Starters for Stuck Bloggers” by Michael Hyatt. I found this to be a very helpful post.

John Ortberg on “Hand Crafted” (God’s way of shaping and using us).

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2 thoughts on “Places I’ve Been

  1. Jim, so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Most of us do not see ourselves as others view us. I am a doer and a giver but I do not receive or take a compliment well. I am the Kid's Church director and a pre-teen Sunday school teacher in our local church. I retired from Special Ed. several years ago and have eight grandchildren. It is a fine line to teach our children to be humble and to exude self-confidence. It is a balance achieved only through know our Lord and livin' the life. Congrats to you and your wife on 30 year. You have a blessed day!!!

    • Nezzy, so glad you came to this blog. You are right in that many of us often do not receive well. It was startling to me when I realized one day that my refusal to receive was sometimes getting in the way of the ministry of others. As the Lord would work through others, I would sometimes make the attempt of another to encourage me become even more difficult.

      Hope you will come back and comment again.