Places I’ve Been

You might enjoy looking through my new Alltop page.  This page reflects some of my interests.  If you haven’t visited Alltop yet, you might enjoy looking around.

Notice this nice piece by Josh Graves on what he learned through writing.  Very good.

Read this post by Dan Kimball the other day and the link to Bob Hyatt on their concern for video venues.

John Dobbs has written on the value of Twitter.  If you are wondering about the value of Twitter, this would be a good post to read.  (I have been using Twitter for about a month and am just now beginning to see its value.)

L.L. Barkat on "So are you ‘just’ a writer?"

Andrew Jones on "The State of Faith-Based Online Communities."  Some very interesting reflections.

Michael Hyatt on "Eight Reasons I Love G-Mail."

Scot McKnight on "A Brother’s Wisdom" (Reflections on James).  This is an outstanding series.  He has now posted twenty of these reflections.

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2 thoughts on “Places I’ve Been

    • L.L.– Regarding the value of twitter– I played with it for about a month or so until I figured out how to get the most out of it (at least for me). For awhile, it did keep me scattered. I was checking it too much and trying to keep up with too many comments, etc.

      Now, I use tweet deck. This has enabled me to form a column to catch the “tweets” of people who I select for that column. I can check that column and pay particular attention to these people. What I find especially helpful with some of these people is their links.

      At this point, this is how I am using it.